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In need of a versatile chassis that accommodates an open tray or curtain sider? Explore the Isuzu cab chassis range, spanning from ‘standard or passenger car driver license’ 4,500kg GVM models to robust 24,000kg GVM options. These trucks come in 4×2, 6×2, and 6×4 variants, offering flexibility to suit diverse requirements.

For those seeking a pantech or refrigerated body solution, our Ready-to-Work range presents an array of pre-built body trucks, including the popular Vanpack. Alternatively, tailor your truck precisely to your needs through our customization options, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

Let’s find the ideal fit for your business—explore the diverse Isuzu chassis options and discover the perfect match today.


Looking for reliable Isuzu tippers with a GVM range spanning from 4,500kg to 14,000kg. These tippers boast all-steel tipper decks, varying in thickness from 3.2mm to 6mm across different models. The auto-release two-way tailgate is a standard feature, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

With a hydraulic hoist that operates in a mere 20 seconds, you can effortlessly raise and lower the tipper, all from the comfort of your seat. The tipper range includes single cab options, and for added comfort and capacity, crew cabs are available specifically for the NPR model, ensuring a comfortable ride for your entire team.


Isuzu’s AWD and 4×4 range has been rigorously tested in Australia’s toughest terrains, earning its reputation as the off-road champion. Designed to conquer challenging conditions, Isuzu’s AWD trucks excel on wet roads, through mud, sand, and various unstable surfaces. They effortlessly tackle steep hills and turn loose gravel into a non-issue.

Our on-demand all-wheel-drive systems provide extra power precisely when you need it, ensuring optimal performance and control. Coupled with Isuzu’s renowned reliability, these trucks offer a wide array of specifications, including crew cabs, providing versatility to match various needs and preferences. Whether it’s navigating rugged landscapes or ensuring stability in adverse conditions, Isuzu’s AWD trucks are the epitome of dependable performance.


Isuzu’s purpose-built Dual Control trucks are crafted to exacting Isuzu Australia specifications, offering a factory-backed cab chassis from the country’s leading truck manufacturer.

Take our FVY Dual Control, for instance. It features standard Hendrickson airbag rear suspension, significantly reducing its tare weight. In fact, it’s considered one of the lightest in the market, allowing for up to 300kg extra load capacity per trip. This translates to fewer trips, reduced operating costs, and lower emissions—a win-win situation. What’s not to love about a truck that offers increased efficiency and environmental friendliness while keeping your costs down?


Our agitators cater to businesses of all sizes, whether servicing local driveways or contributing to large tower constructions. With a diverse range of cab chassis models boasting various barrel sizes and applications, we tailor our offerings to fit your specific business needs.

At the core of our 8×4 and 10×4 Agitators lies one of Isuzu’s most dependable engines—the 9.8L 6UZ1. Delivering a formidable peak power of 257kW (345PS) @ 2000rpm and an impressive torque of 1,422Nm, this powerhouse engine ensures optimal performance for your operations.

All our models feature weight-saving aluminum wheels and offer a smaller fuel tank option, strategically designed to maximize your payload capacity without compromising efficiency. It’s our commitment to delivering robust performance while optimizing your operational capabilities.


Isuzu’s hallmark lies in its unparalleled versatility, offering tailor-made solutions perfectly aligned with your business requirements. No matter the special or niche application, we excel in providing purpose-built solutions, including AWD, 4×4, and crew cab variants, designed to meet diverse needs.

Explore our AWD or 4×4 options ideal for off-highway applications. Our GVMs range from 4,500kg to 13,900kg, providing a wide spectrum of choices to suit your specific demands. Selected models come with Allison automatic transmissions and crew cabs, enhancing comfort and functionality for specific applications. Moreover, we offer a lineup of 20 crew cab models, providing ample options to match your preferences.

Additionally, selected model options include Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) and 4×4 configurations, ensuring a blend of efficiency and performance tailored to your unique operational needs. With Isuzu, customization isn’t just a possibility—it’s our commitment to delivering the ideal solution for your business, no matter how specialized or distinctive your requirements may be.



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