4,500 to 5,500kg GVM
  • Tradies, Builders, plumbers, or landscapers, the Isuzu Tradepack is tailored for your business needs.
  • Choose from models suited for a car license (4.5T GVM) or a truck license (5.5T GVM).
  • Available with an Isuzu 6-speed manual or 6-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission).
  • Featuring a robust 4.5m x 2.1m heavy-duty tray with 2-piece drop sides (MWB).
  • The Tradepack’s integrated tray boasts a sturdy headboard with a chrome grille, drop sides, and tie rails.
  • Its enhanced ladder rack design ensures support for heavier loads.
  • Crafted from aluminum, it maintains a lightweight without compromising durability or strength.
  • Notably, the Isuzu Tradepack offers a superior turning circle compared to most utes.


4,500 to 5,500kg GVM

The Ready-to-Work Traypack surpasses the capabilities of an average ute. Available in both SWB and MWB, it’s designed to handle larger payloads.

  • Options include models suitable for a car license (4.5T GVM) or a truck license (5.5T GVM).
  • Choose between a 5-speed manual or 6-speed AMT transmission.
  • Available in short and medium wheelbase configurations.
  • Premium cabins feature three seats as standard and seven seats in crew versions.
  • Equipped with a robust built-in tray boasting a heavy-duty headboard with a chrome grille, drop sides, and tie rails.
  • Its aluminum construction maintains a lightweight build without compromising structural integrity or durability.
  • Selected 4×2 and AWD models offer Independent Front Suspension for enhanced performance.


4,500 to 7,500kg GVM

The Servicepack and Servicepack X showcase robust powder-coated steel bodies, featuring lockers equipped with adjustable internal shelving.

  • Transmission options include 5-speed manual, 5-speed AMT, and 6-speed manual.
  • Premium cabins offer three seats as standard (up to seven in crew cabs).
  • For higher-rated NPS 4×4 models, expect fully-floating axles, suspended by alloy-steel leaf springs and double-acting shock absorbers.
  • The short wheelbase (SWB) Servicepack boasts a smaller tray overhang, ideal for easier parking in urban or suburban settings.
  • Featuring lockable separate storage boxes with convenient gullwing doors, offering ample space with easy access.


4,500kg GVM

For small delivery businesses, The Vanpack stands out as the ideal truck choice. Equipped with an array of safety features, it ensures seamless transportation of furniture and various goods.

  • A car license is all that’s required to drive The Vanpack.
  • Isuzu 6-speed TC-AMT (Torque Converter Automated Manual Transmission).
  • All-steel construction with a 19m³ Van Body measuring 4.3m (L) x 2.2m (W) x 2.1m (H).
  • Our 4m x 2m pantech body is crafted from fibreglass honeycomb panels, enhancing strength and stiffness while reducing overall weight.
  • Secure access is facilitated by barn doors with camlocks. Internal tie-down rails and interior LED lighting are included, all sheltered beneath an aluminium roof.”


4,500 to 14,000kg GVM

Explore our versatile Tipper Range, many of which are drivable with a car license. From handling around 2 tonnes to our FSR Tipper with significantly larger payloads and enhanced flexibility.

  • A comprehensive selection of transmissions including manual, automatic, and automatic manual transmission (AMT) options.*
  • Achieve up to a 4.5-ton towing capacity on a car license with the appropriate genuine towing attachment.
  • Premium cabins feature three seats as standard (seven in crew cabs).
  • With in-cab mounted tipper controls, you can operate without leaving your seat.
  • Our all-steel tipper decks range from 3.2 to 6.0mm in thickness depending on the model.
  • An auto-release two-way tailgate comes standard, enhancing convenience.
  • The hydraulic hoist completes its motion in just 20 seconds.
  • The NMR tri-tipper boasts a unique three-way tray, tipping backward and to both left and right—an exclusive feature unmatched by any other tipper.


11,000 to 24,000kg GVM

The Ready-to-Work Freightpack offers six models featuring versatile 10-pallet, 12-pallet, or 14-pallet curtain-side body configurations. Loaded with safety and productivity features.

  • Equipped with Isuzu’s 6-speed AMT and Allison Automatic transmissions.
  • Premium cabins feature three seats as standard.
  • Safety-focused with yellow-colored body steps and grab handles.
  • The Allison 6-speed HD4430 automatic transmission eliminates the need for shifting, reducing fatigue.
  • Alternatively, opt for the smooth, car-like drivability of the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).
  • Efficient loading and unloading facilitated by easy-glide curtains with quick-release latches and docking rubbers.
  • All Freightpack bodies include LED interior strip lighting and halo lights.
  • Tailored air deflector to minimize on-road wind resistance, enhancing overall efficiency.”


Isuzu Trucks boast an industry-leading 6-year factory warranty covering both the cab and chassis. This comprehensive coverage extends to all Ready-to-Work truck bodies and AWD/4×4 models. Even models operating under severe conditions are covered by our original 3-year factory warranty.



Isuzu Assist is an exceptional 24-hour roadside assistance program that spans 6 years, provided at no additional cost. Whether it’s running out of fuel, misplacing your keys, or encountering a flat tire (or battery), Isuzu Assist is readily available to swiftly resolve these situations



Isuzu Service Agreement offers businesses a solution for predictable costs. This program consolidates truck servicing expenses into a single, steady monthly payment, providing a clear and predictable financial outlook. By streamlining costs, it not only simplifies budgeting but also leads to long-term savings for your business.


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