Four Cylinder Power

11,000 – 14,000kg GVM 210PS / 240PS

The Isuzu 4HK1 four-cylinder engine offers power ratings of either 154kW or 177kW, making it a standout choice for the F-Series.

Compliant with the latest Euro V emission regulations, this engine incorporates a high-torque two-stage turbocharger system, delivering impressive torque outputs of 726Nm and 765Nm respectively.

Enhanced with our Idle-Stop System (ISS), the engine intelligently halts during idle moments, optimizing fuel consumption. This feature proves especially beneficial in heavy traffic, contributing to substantial fuel savings.


6 Cylinder Power.

11,000 – 24,000kg GVM, 260PS / 300PS

For unparalleled power and heavy-duty performance, the legendary Isuzu 6HK1 diesel engine stands tall with its six cylinders and an intercooled variable nozzle turbocharger.

Unleashing robust power ratings of 191kW and 221kW, and torque peaking at 761Nm and 981Nm, these heavy-duty Isuzu trucks exhibit exceptional pulling prowess.

Whether opting for manual or Allison® automatic transmission variants, there’s a suitable combination available for nearly every application.

The F-Series stands as a testament to Isuzu’s core belief: “Reliability is Everything.”



GCM 38,000kg - 45,000kg

For those seeking 4×2, 6×4, or 6×2 configurations, the FX Series is your ultimate destination.

Embracing a total of 8 model options, this series offers an extensive array of transmissions, wheelbases, axles, and suspension choices.

Kicking off the FX range are the FXR and FXD models, available in both manual and automatic transmission versions.

With a GVM of 16,500kg and a GCM of 38,000kg, all automatic models are equipped with the standard Allison 4430 transmission.

Most models come bundled with Isuzu’s industry-leading 6-year factory warranty and 6-year roadside assistance, showcasing our commitment to unparalleled service and reliability.



GVM 30,000kg - 35,000kg

Go big with our FY Series, designed to amplify your capabilities.

Equipped with a second steer axle, available in 8×4 and 10×4 configurations across different models and variants, the FY Series offers versatile choices in transmissions, wheelbases, axles, and suspensions.

Among the options are two 8×4 models: the FYJ 300-350 and FYH 300-350, each available in various specifications.

Stepping up, the 10×4 FYX 350-350 features a “lift up” lazy axle, optimizing load carrying capacity while ensuring smart efficiency when empty. This innovative feature not only conserves fuel but also extends the longevity of your tires, delivering long-term savings.

Most models come with Isuzu’s unmatched 6-year factory warranty and 6-year roadside assistance, underscoring our commitment to reliability and customer support.



Isuzu Trucks boast an industry-leading 6-year factory warranty encompassing both the cab and chassis. This extensive coverage extends to Ready-to-Work truck bodies and all AWD/4×4 models. Even models operating under harsh applications benefit from our original 3-year factory warranty, ensuring comprehensive support and peace of mind.



Isuzu Assist is a comprehensive 6-year, 24-hour roadside assistance program provided at no additional cost. Whether it’s running out of fuel, misplacing your keys, or encountering a flat tire (or battery), Isuzu Assist ensures prompt support to resolve these issues and get you back on track.


Isuzu Service Agreement

For businesses seeking predictable costs, the Isuzu Service Agreement is tailored to your needs. By consolidating truck servicing expenses into a single, predictable monthly payment, this agreement ensures stability and can save you money in the long term.

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