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Isuzu Power Solutions can be found in tractors, loaders, generator sets and auxiliary power applications. Isuzu Power Solutions are rigorously tested to perform in even the most punishing Australian conditions.


Organisations like the CFA and DFES put their faith in Isuzu to power their generators and water pumps while battling blazes in one of the most volatile fire environments on earth. Ultra reliable Japanese built blocks are engineered in Australia for optimum performance.


From construction sites to residential areas and hospitals to disaster zones, you’ll find people relying on generators as their main power source or as emergency back-up. Leading manufacturers like Shindaiwa and Denyo use Isuzu Power Solutions and you’ll find an Isuzu engine ready for you.


Some of the construction industry’s biggest names rely on Isuzu to give them the grunt to get the job done i.e. Hitachi, Sumitomo, JCB, and Kobelco for starters. Many in the mining sector also rely on our products for pressure pumps, crusher, conveyors. Battle tested in the most inhospitable worksites.


The industrial sector is one of the key drivers of the Australian economy. But what drives industry? In a huge number of cases, across a broad range of applications, it’s an Isuzu engine that powers the machinery. Isuzu make over 50 models to suit your business needs.


Isuzu Marine engines are built to a strict quality control system, backed by over 60 years’ experience. This means exceptional quality and reliability for you. Even in the most demanding of conditions, Isuzu Marine Engines are designed to be highly fuel efficient and cost effective.


Isuzu’s Made to Stock (MTS) power units are delivered ready for immediate use off the shelf. These units undergo meticulous design and testing, ensuring suitability for diverse applications and conditions – be it water pumping or driving hydraulic systems. MTS power units are offered in various configurations and power outputs and each unit undergoes thorough testing before delivery, ensuring reliable performance.


Isuzu Assembled To Order (ATO) units are tailored and tested to meet diverse customers and application needs that are ready for immediate use once it is delivered to your door step. Offering greater flexibility compared to the standard MTS range, ATO units include features such as unique exhaust systems and heat-changed cooling packages. Assembled in Melbourne with Isuzu-tested, verified and approved accessories, these units are well-equipped to perform reliably and withstand the challenging Australian climate.

OEM Engine

Isuzu Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Engines are available in a wide range of specifications, suitable for customised uses or as a direct substitute for current engine units. Renowned for their dependability, these engines are utilised in construction, mining, agriculture, marine sectors, and are chosen by other prominent OEM manufacturers.


Isuzu’s Engineered to Order (ETO) units are individually built, specialised units designed for demanding applications or unique customer needs where existing solutions are unavailable in the market. Whether it’s custom power generation sets or personalised engine controller programs for irrigation pumps, Isuzu Power Solutions engineering team collaborates with OEMs and distributors to deliver the optimal solution for specific applications. Similar to the MTS range, ETO units are assembled, tested, and prepared for immediate use.


Pre-assembled and tested, the IPS range of Power Units is ready to go. Power units come equipped with exhausts, air systems, control units, and other essential accessories. You can also request to assemble to order which can be customised to your specific needs.



This versatile range is built to survive the harsh Australian conditions and the Isuzu OEM units are supplied directly as an engine-only block which gives you ability to control its application.

Generator Sets

Whether you are providing back-up power or operating in a remote environment, trust that IPS will never fail you. Designed and engineered to suit Australian conditions, Isuzu’s range of IPS Generator Sets ensures reliability.