Narrow Cab Range

4,500-6,000kg GVM

The majority of our models offer a choice between a 5 or 6-Speed Manual transmission, or a 6-Speed automated manual transmission. Tailored to meet your business needs, our vehicles are available with Ready-to-Work bodies, crew cabs, and short or medium wheelbases.

Here are some key features:

  • Isuzu diesel engine delivering 110kW (150PS) power.
  • Standard first-class cabs equipped with three seats (six seats in crew cabs).
  • Electronic Stability Control available in 4×2 models.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems incorporated in 4×2 models.
  • Automatic Headlamp System for enhanced convenience.
  • Driver’s suspension seat included in most single cab models.
  • Isuzu multimedia system featuring a 10.1-inch screen.
  • 4-wheel disc brakes integrated into 4×2 models.

And that’s just a glimpse of what our vehicles offer!

Wide Cab Range

4,500-8,700kg GVM

The N Series wide cab lineup offers a versatile range including 4×2, crew cab, 4×4, and Ready-to-Work body truck options, available in short, medium, and long wheelbases. Depending on the model, you can choose from a 6-speed manual, 5-speed AMT, or 6-speed AMT transmission.

Key highlights include:

  • Isuzu’s robust engine options: 3.0 litre 10kW (150PS), 5.2 litre 114kW (155PS), or 140kW (190PS) diesel engines tailored to specific models.
  • Integrated climate control featured in NPR and NQR models.
  • Electronic Stability Control and 4-wheel disc brakes incorporated into 4×2 models.
  • Advanced Driver Assist Systems present in all models except for NPS 4×4 variants.
  • Driver’s suspension seat predominantly available in most single cab models.
  • First-class cabs equipped with three seats as standard (seven seats in crew cabs).
  • Chrome grille and fog lamps included in all NPR and NQR models, except tippers.

And these are just a glimpse of the extensive features available across the lineup!

Crew Cab Range

4,500-8,700kg GVM

Looking for a truck that accommodates your entire team? Our N-Series trucks offer crew cabs across various models like NLS, NNR, NPR, NPS, and NQR, ensuring versatility for your needs. You can opt for 5-speed or 6-speed manual and AMT options, with medium and long wheelbase choices.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Isuzu diesel engines available in three ratings: 110kW (150PS), 114kW (155PS), 140kW (190PS).
  • Standard first-class cabs equipped with six or seven seats, ensuring ample space for your team.
  • Isuzu Electronic Stability Control integrated into 4×2 models for enhanced safety.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems included in 4×2 models to assist your driving experience.
  • Automatic Headlamp System for added convenience.
  • Isuzu multimedia system featuring a 10.1-inch screen for connectivity and functionality.
  • 4-wheel disc brakes implemented in 4×2 models, enhancing braking performance.

And there’s a lot more packed into these trucks to cater to your team’s diverse needs!

AWD | 4x4 Range

4,500-7,500kg GVM

Looking for the ideal truck to conquer off-road adventures? The Isuzu N-Series 4×4 and AWD models are tailored for the Australian outback, delivering robust power to effortlessly tackle even the steepest hills. Choose from a 5-speed manual or 5-speed AMT, available in single or Crew cab variants.

Check out these features:

  • Isuzu diesel engines offered in two ratings: 110kW (150PS) or 114kW (155PS) for dependable performance.
  • First-class cabs equipped with three seats as standard (six or seven seats available in crew cabs), ensuring comfort during rugged journeys.
  • On-demand part-time all-wheel drive controlled by a viscous coupling in NLS models for adaptable handling.
  • Part-time 4WD with Hi and Lo range transfer Case in NPS models, enhancing traction on challenging terrains.
  • Automatic Headlamp System for added convenience during varying light conditions.

These trucks are geared to make your off-road adventures feel like a breeze while providing comfort and reliability in rugged environments!


Isuzu Trucks proudly offer an industry-leading 6-year factory warranty that extends coverage to both the cab and chassis. This comprehensive warranty includes Ready-to-Work truck bodies and encompasses all AWD/4×4 models. Even models operating under harsh applications retain coverage under our original 3-year factory warranty.



Isuzu Assist is a complimentary 6-year, 24-hour roadside assistance program that comes without any additional charges. Whether it’s running out of fuel, misplacing your keys, encountering a flat tire, or facing battery issues, Isuzu Assist is readily available to promptly resolve these situations for you.

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Isuzu Service Agreement

For businesses seeking predictable costs, the Isuzu Service Agreement is tailored to meet your needs. This agreement streamlines your truck servicing expenses into a consistent, monthly payment, ensuring predictability and eliminating unforeseen costs.

Isuzu Service Agreement saves you money over the long term.

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